Our corporate mission is to provide our global customers with the highest quality product while innovating the industry. This is emphasized daily to our diverse, highly motivated, educated, and experienced staff.

Our collective objective is to maintain a company that serves our community in a way that the community views us as a leader, where quality and safety are our number one priorities such that we can create a positive impact in all the communities we serve.

Today the operation in Colombia consists of over 30 Employees, with women holding lead roles in Finance, Sales, Science and Engineering.

ColKannab’s associates are the heart and soul of all our production.

Investing in our people through providing health care, quality ongoing education, job security and skills development is critical to our objective to provide a great product for our global customers.

ColKannab is unique in that we have a global management team with extensive experience in the production and export of CBD, THC, and other cannabis derivatives.

Our operation in Colombia is led by women in finance, sales, research, and engineering. The company has highly experienced and well educated agronomists, scientists, and quality specialists in all facets of the enterprise.

ColKannab has pledged to purchase up to 10% of its production from small local farmers and to work with them to improve social welfare by sharing technological knowledge.

We also assist local and rising business owners by hiring them as vendors for a variety of service

The company is a Minority Owned Enterprise (MBE) and anticipates the certification in late 2022.

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