ColKannab’s operations are located in Villavicencio, Colombia, which has great environmental conditions and geographic advantages for Cannabis cultivation.

The Gate to the Plains, Villavicencio’s moniker, refers to the tropical grassland plains of Los Llanos. The location is east of the Andes, and our location is rich in farmland resources. The region has ample water and natural sunlight, making it ideal for cultivating high-quality cannabis.

Colombia has been chosen as the company’s agricultural operations’ base.

The country is a major player in a variety of commodity markets, precious stones, and industrial manufacturing. Colombia’s government has partnered with private industry to build one of the most complete medicinal cannabis legal frameworks in the world, with precise procedures for farming, processing, and exporting medicinal cannabis.

Colombia offers abundant agricultural advantages, a bright and well-educated labor force, and a stable regulatory framework that allows ColKannab to operate safely and at a lower cost than other global companies.

In order to achieve the best cannabis genetics, we focus on going above and beyond industry requirements.

  • Our existing farm as well as the region has excellent expansion capability.
  • Our licenses allow us to cultivate cannabis either in greenhouses or outside in all five Colombian regions.
  • The 12 hour day/night light cycle, ample water supply and consistent year round temperatures allow us to cultivate up to four cannabis crops annually.

From seeding to harvest, we can ensure quality control and maximum consistency thanks to our cutting-edge software and indoor systems.

Focused on exceeding industry standards in order to achieve the finest cannabis genetics


Eco Friendly, organic and sustainable


Focused on Quality purity, and potency


Technically Innovative


Consistent quality, reliable supply chain


Maintain proper practices to ensure the products’ high quality standards

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