Information about the data treatment responsible

In accordance with Law 1581 of 2012 and other applicable regulations, we inform you that COLKANNAB S.A.S. maintains strict procedures and policies for the protection of personal data that has been or is being collected in the development of our activities via the web portal. As a result, in accordance with the habeas data rules, we invite you to become acquainted with our personal data treatment policies, which outline the purposes for which we use your personal data. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact us at


ID: 901.202.166-1

Location: Bogotá D.C

Main address:

Calle 94 No. 11A-76, Of F 102


Department: Client Services


Treatment and purpose of the data collected.
The collected personal data will be shared with third parties in Colombia and abroad, with whom contracts are entered into for the transfer and/or transmission of personal data, as appropriate, in order to maintain the security and protection of your data in accordance with the applicable rules and standards.


Furthermore, the collected personal data may be stored in a database and will be collected, stored, used, shared, and treated securely for the following purposes:

Offer COLKANNAB S.A.S. products and services to third parties. In accordance with its corporate purpose and commercial activities, advance the necessary procedures and procedures for linking investors.


Comply with the internal processes of COLKANNAB S.A.S. in the administration of suppliers and contractors.

Comply with the service, distribution, marketing and other contracts entered into with customers.


Maintain constant and effective communication with our clients, affiliates, employees, officials, suppliers, partners and any person with respect to whom we are authorized to carry out the processing of their personal data.

Catalog and relate the personal data of the owner with other data received or collected.


Facilitate the crossing of information with other personal data transmitted or transferred to COLKANNAB S.A.S. or COLVENTURES as its sole shareholder.

Invite and participate in events, trainings, courses, seminars organized by COLKANNAB S.A.S.

Carry out joint commercial activities with related or allied companies or entities, among which is COLVENTURES as its sole shareholder.

Deliver information to third parties about the nature and origin of the cannabis planted, as well as its different seeds.

Maintain information on requests, complaints and claims submitted by the holders of personal data.

Carry out statistical, demographic and market analysis.

Evaluate the quality of services.


Manage all the information necessary to comply with the tax obligations and commercial, corporate and accounting records of COLKANNAB S.A.S.

System of self-monitoring, prevention and risk management against money laundering, financing of terrorism and financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction – SAGRILAFT.

The process of filing, updating the systems, protection and custody of information and databases of COLKANNAB S.A.S.

Carry out processes within COLKANNAB S.A.S., for operational development and / or systems administration purposes.

Carry out the transmission of data to third parties with whom there is a corporate link.

Maintain and process by computer or other means, any type of information related to the client’s business in order to provide the relevant services and products.


The other purposes that are determined by those responsible for the processes of obtaining personal data for its treatment and that are communicated to the Holders at the time of the collection of personal data, by COLKANNAB S.A.S.